The Refugee Nation Flag


A Symbol of Hope and Solidarity

The Olympic Games have always been a symbol of unity and cooperation among nations, but the 2016 Rio Olympics marked a historic moment for refugees around the world. For the first time, a team of refugee athletes marched in
the opening ceremony under the Olympic flag, and the world watched as they com
peted with courage and determination. It was a moment that inspired many, including artist Yara Said, who created the Refugee Nation Flag to represent the team of refugee athletes and the millions of refugees around the world.

The Refugee Nation Flag features an orange background with a black stripe representing the horizon. The design was inspired by life vests collected in Lesvos, where Yara herself had fled through the water, leaving a profound visual impression on her memory. The flag was designed to be a painting, a visual object, and not a nationalistic symbol. It is a sign for all people who had to travel through the elements of life: water, sand, or air. The enormity of the scene, for the artist who experienced it herself, left a big visual impression on her memory. The design is meant to evoke a sense of hope and solidarity, and to show that refugees are not just victims but also survivors and fighters.

Since its creation, the Refugee Nation Flag has become a symbol of hope and unity for refugees around the world. It has been exhibited in numerous prestigious institutions worldwide, alongside works by some of the most celebrated artists of our time, including Rothko, Marina Abramovic, Keith Haring, and many more.


-  Flags, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels, Belguim 
    29 SEPTEMBER 2022 ︎︎︎ 22 JANUARY 2023

- Permenant collection, MOMA, New York, USA

Rapid Response Collecting, Victoria & Albert museum,
   London, UK

- Exhibiton kunstschau, Bremen, Germany
    November 2022

Catalogue from Flags, Issued: 2023

Featured alongside; Keith Haring, Marina Abramovich and others.



The project has earned Yara and her team 19 Cannes Lions awards, a One Show Best of Show award, and a Grand Prix award from El Ojo, among other honors.

The flag has also been embraced by athletes, celebrities, politicians, and refugees worldwide, raising awareness and bringing the world together to support refugees. It has become a symbol of solidarity and hope for those who have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in foreign lands. It represents the resilience and determination of refugees to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives.

The Refugee Nation Flag is a reminder that we are all human beings, and that we share a common bond of empathy and compassion. It shows that even in the face of adversity and conflict, we can come together and support each other. The flag is a call to action for all of us to stand with refugees, to welcome them into our communities, and to support them as they rebuild their lives.

The Refugee Nation Flag is a powerful symbol of hope, unity, and solidarity. It represents the millions of refugees around the world who have been forced to flee their homes and seek safety in foreign lands. It is a reminder that we all have a responsibility to support and welcome refugees, and to work together to create a world that is more just, more peaceful, and more compassionate.