Rap and Beyond 2023 bbimf:

Sonic Research:

- Podcast with Christine Hazbouni

- Raghoul Compilation release party, performance at Garage Noord 2023

- MISS ME? (2022), reading in collaboration with the music composer Yara Saïd, styled by Avoidstreet, curated by Charl Landvreugd, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL).

- performance Vesper space 2019

- Just shout group show, Utrecht, 2019

Revenge fantasy sound track for an exhibiton  ︎ listen here ︎

The diver’s house  Film made by Myrtho  sound track by Yaray  (noise diva and kween)    ︎  watch here  ︎

The arched Garden  VR experience sound design by Yaray (noise diva and kween)     ︎ read here ︎



Listening to Sampling 2022 - 2023