Rap and Beyond 2023 bbimf:

Sonic Research:

Podcast with Christine Hazbouni


Raghoul Compilation release party, performance at Garage Noord 2023

MISS ME? (2022), reading in collaboration with the music composer Yara Saïd, styled by Avoidstreet, curated by Charl Landvreugd, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (NL).

Performance Vesper space 2019

Just shout group show, Utrecht, 2019


Listening to Sampling 2022 - 2023


Revenge fantasy sound track for an exhibiton  
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The diver’s house  Film made by Myrtho  sound track by Yaray  (Noise Diva and Kween)  
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The arched Garden  VR experience sound design by Yaray (Noise Diva and Kween)    
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Vinyl sleeve

BAndcamp and spotify identity: