Yara Said, an artist and curator, founded the Salwa Foundation in Amsterdam as part of her research based artistic practice. Influenced by her mother and grandmother, Hayat and Salwa, and seeing potential in the contributions that artists with migrant backgrounds could bring to Dutch society, her research draws from feminist practices and queer theory, focused on the experiences of migrants and their exclusion from their new environments.

Feminist and queer theories provide a framework for understanding discrimination against marginalized groups based on their gender, sexuality, and cultural background, including migrants. Yara Said's work as a curator and researcher aims to draw attention to these issues and amplify the voices of marginalized groups.

Through her work with the Salwa Foundation, Said has helped to create a platform for artists with migrant backgrounds to showcase their work and contribute to the cultural life of Amsterdam., explored how marginalized voices are excluded from their new environment. Through various exhibitions and events, the Salwa Foundation has become an important cultural platform for showcasing the work of migrant artists in Amsterdam.

The foundation has since hosted gatherings at Framer Framed, Goethe, and Casco 2022 which were in part curated and programmed by Said. She strives to keep playing the role of a role model for international artists and leadership programs all over the world as she provides counsiling for companies like SAMSUNG, institutions such as Amstrerdam Museum, The Sedelijk Museum and many more.