Yara Saïd


Landscapes: 2014 - 2023

Camouflage: 2020 - 2023

I am interested in the ways in which art can be used to challenge power structures and defy censorship.
In my case, the fragments of newspapers and other found materials that I incorporate into my work serve as a reminder of my heritage and also symbolize the lack of freedom of expression in my home country.

As a painter, I use a variety of techniques and materials to create my work. One of my signature techniques is collage,
which I use to incorporate fragments of newspapers, magazines, and other found materials into my paintings. This technique not only adds visual interest and texture to my work but also serves as a commentary on the power of language and the ways in which it can be manipulated and controlled.

Language is a recurring theme in my work, particularly as a Syrian artist living in Europe.
I often use fragments of Arabic text in my collages.

In addition to collage, I also incorporate a range of painting techniques into my work, from bold brushstrokes to delicate washes of color.
I approach each painting intuitively, allowing the work to evolve and reveal itself gradually over time.
The resulting works often combine humor and darkness,
offering a nuanced commentary on the human condition and the complexities of life in the modern world.

As an Amsterdam-based painter, my work is informed by a diverse range of influences, from the texture and symbolism of Anselm Kiefer to the use of found materials in the work of Robert Rauschenberg.
However, as a Syrian artist now living in Europe, my work also reflects my experiences of identity, displacement, and censorship.

Portraits: 2016 - 2023