Child’s Play

Iteration 1,

Ex Bunker, Utrecht, July 2022

Child’s Play, لعب عیال

In her work, Yara Saïd investigates the noise trauma caused by warplanes flying over occupied areas in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, and Jordan. When an airplane breaks through the sound barrier, the body stores this sensory perception. By the time the body registers what has happened, the object is already hundreds of kilometers away, leaving only vibrations and adrenaline behind. Yara Saïd's installation is a visual translation of her research, serving as a medium to make a memory experienceable by an audience that did not go through the same situation.

Yara Saïd onderzoekt in haar werk een geluidstrauma van gevechtsvliegtuigen die over bezette gebieden in Syrië, Irak, Pastina en Jordanië vliegen.

Als een vliegtuig door de geluidsbarrière heen breekt slaat het lichaam deze zintuigelijke waarneming op. Als je lichaam eenmaal doorheeft wat er gebeurt is is het object alweer honderden kilometers verder. Wat achterblijft is trilling en adrenaline.

The installatie van Yara Saïd is een visuele vertaling van haar onderzoek, er wordt niets uitgelegd of verantwoord het is slechts een medium om een herinnering ervaarbaar te maken.

Iteration 2,

Felix Merits hotel, 3package deal presentation exhibtion, 2022

The Last Supper

An amalgamation of food, soap, gum, cottln candy and camouflaged fighter jets arranged on a table, animating inspired by the artist's previous work, a painting "The Last Supper."
The display is a three-dimensional and four-dimensional representation of the painting, enhanced by the inclusion of ashort film. The work aims to evoke the theme of fragmented memories, domesticity and the pleasure of food.
It provides a multi-sensory experience for the viewer.
The installation is an intriguing combination of objects, offering a unique perspective on the artist's vision.

photos by: Tomazs

Vynil Banner:

Dimensions: 160 x 200 cm
Design: Turboghadab (Jana Assaad)
Concept: Yara Said

The large banner features a striking design that captures the artist's fear of jet fighters. The Arabic poem at the edges sets the tone, while the designer has incorporated collected image materials to create a visually stunning composition. Bold colors, textures, and overlapping shapes are used to convey a sense of urgency and disorientation. The result is a commanding presence that demands attention and reflection, showcasing the power of expressing complex emotions through multiple mediums. Overall, the work is a powerful representation of the artist's vision and conveys a deep emotional impact.

Iteration 3,

Madé Van Krimpen, 2023 
with Raafat Ballan and Mazen Al Ashkar

Turning Notes

"Turning Notes" is an exhibition that features the work of three artist friends who share a passion for art and studied at Damascus University of Fine Art. The exhibition showcases the paintings of Raafat Ballan, whose brushstrokes convey emotions and narratives. You will also be able to immerse yourself in the captivating sound and video work by Yara Saïd and Mazen Al Ashkar, which harmoniously combine with the paintings to create a sensory experience.
The three artists have seamlessly blended different disciplines of art, including painting, sound, and mixed media, to create a vibrant dialogue that celebrates memories, friendship, and creativity.

- Prints on transparent paper (various sizes)
- Video projection

Subtitles: English
Duration: 10:00 minutes

Yara draws inspiration from the book "Women Who Run With The Wolves," using it to break free from her shell and share her emotional wounds with the audience.
The film takes us on a nonlinear journey, narrated through the eyes and ears of the artist herself. She explores the effects of sonic terrorism on the body and psyche, revealing the ghost-like possession that occurs in victims.
Although the threat remains invisible, it is clearly present. We can hear Said speaking about her relationship with her body as a woman, as the film feels like a dream that slowly turns into a nightmare. This results in a real feminist horror experience, where the prey is being hunted and the hunter is a beautiful man.
Overall, the film offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the effects of trauma on the body and psyche, particularly for women. Yara’s vulnerability in presenting her emotional scars is a powerful reminder of the importance of self-expression and the healing that can come from it.

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